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The Trade Council Russia

In light of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, The Danish Embassy in Moscow will no longer offer advice on either commencing commercial activity on the Russian market or expanding existing activities. The Embassy will not assist in initiating export promotions to Russia either.

The Embassy will still offer advice to Danish companies on shutting down existing collaborations and phasing out existing business activity in Russia. The Embassy will also assist with acute crisis management, given that the advice will not contribute in any way to breaking or bypassing the current sanctions.

If you have acute questions regarding e.g. rerouting value chains, alternative market opportunities, help in identifying new distributors etc., please contact the Trade Council’s Global Response Team, which offers counselling to acute challenges caused by the situation, including derived export issues.

Contact the Embassy on [email protected]

Contact The Global Response Team by writing to [email protected] or by filling out the contact formular here.


As a reaction to Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the EU has passed a number of sanctions, which may affect Danish companies in multiple ways. The Danish Embassy in Russia does not provide advice to Danish companies on the sanctions.

Several Danish government authorities are ready to council companies on the sanctions and on how you should respond to them.

Via the two links (in Danish) below, you can get an overview over the latest sanctions and on where you can get counselling (in Danish). 


Læs seneste om sanktioner

Overblik over virksomhedsvejledning


Remember: It is always the company's own responsibility to abide by the sanctions in force at the time in question and possibly seek legal aid.