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Commercial Section

We offer assistance to Danish companies in a wide variety of sectors as well as task within trade, thougth our locally placed experts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The promototion between Russia and Denmark is the common responsibility of the Royal Embassy of Denmark in Moscow and the Consulate General of Denmark in St. Petersburg. Situated in Russia, we are in a good position to actively assist Danish Exporters of good services in their marketing and sales efforts in Russia, and to provide leads to Russian importeres looking for Danish suppliers.

Peter Mygind Rasmussen
Head of the Trade Council in Russia, Minister Counsellor Commercial Affairs

Patrick M. Søndergaard 
Minister Counsellor, Food, Agriculture and Fisheries

Svetlana Chernova
Commercial Attaché, Team leader of Healthcare and Life science 

Marina Mityanina
Senior Commercial Counsellor for Food, Agriculture and Fishery Affairs

Evgeny Khoroshilov
Senior Adviser (Trade and Economic Affairs)

Irina Polevaya
Commercial Advisor, Energy and environment

Axel Crüger
Intern, Food, Agriculture and Fisheries

Lasse Juhl Morthorst
Intern, Trade and Commerce


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