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Red Carpet Programme - How to enroll

Company accreditation

What is the Red Carpet Program?

The Red Carpet Program introduces simplified procedures for obtaining Danish Schengen visas for applicants who travel regularly to Denmark for business purposes. The aim is to assist those companies, organisations, NGO’s etc. that have business relations with a Danish company or organisation.

The Red Carpet Program is open to private and public companies or organisations provided they meet the requirements mentioned on the local Danish embassy’s website. The accreditation of a company or organization must have taken place before an employee/associate can benefit from the Red Carpet Program.

Who can be enrolled in the Red Carpet Program?

The following are examples of entities that may be offered an accreditation:*
• Well-established local subsidiaries of Danish companies
• Well-established local companies with a subsidiary in Denmark
• Companies that regularly sends employees to Denmark
• A local company with an exclusive partnership with a Danish company
• A local company whose employees need to travel frequently to Denmark for business
• Local companies with an interest in investing in Denmark
• Local institutions (NGO’s, travel agencies etc.) which cooperate closely with similar Danish institutions

* The Danish Mission alone decides whether or not a company qualifies.

What does the Red Carpet Program offer?

The RCP offers the following benefits for applicants that are included in the program:
• Decision within three working days. ( Not counting the time of shipping between the embassy and the visa application center)*
• Reduced documentation requirements**
• No need to apply in person the first 5 years after submitting biometrics (in connection with any Schengen visa application).
• Multiple-entry visas (minimum one year).

* Citizens of certain countries or categories of certain citizens are subject to prior consultation in one or more Schengen countries before a visa may be issued. The processing time in these cases will usually be 10-12 days. However we highly recommend you to hand in your visa application in as early as possible to avoid delays if further documentation is needed.
** More documentation may always be required if needed for the case processing
Note: Applicants without an agreement will still be processed according to the standard processing time.

How to enroll

In order to apply for enrollment in the Fast Track business visa program you need to obtain the necessary forms.
Please make your request for an agreement form by sending an email to

Please state the name and type of business of the company or organisation you represent and the name of the Danish company or organisation you do business with.
Before applying please read the Red Carpet Program- General Terms.
You will receive a return email with the application form and a list of documentation required for the Red Carpet application to be processed. After processing and the embassy’s approval you will receive the agreement form.

Submitting forms and documents

The agreement form and annexes must be filled in and returned along with supplementary documentation.
Your application can be emailed, sent by post or handed in during normal opening hours at the reception.

When a decision is reached

The Embassy will reach a decision within two weeks. A representative from your company or organisation may be called to the Embassy for an interview.
If you are approved to be enrolled in the Red Carpet Program an agreement is signed by both parties and further information regarding visa application procedures is forwarded to you.
If you are not approved you will receive a letter from the embassy informing you of this.
Please note, that a negative decision does not affect in any way eligibility for applying for and obtaining a Schengen visa following standard visa application procedures.