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Payment for Services

Costs of services provided by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs or by the Danish embassies and consulates abroad

Consular and visa fees applicable for September 2019


Please read here for more information.


Consular Fees

The fees are payable in Russian roubles only. The fees are subject to change monthly as a result of currency fluctuation. We accept cash only.


Fee (Rouble)



Duplicate driving licenses or EU driving licenses


International driving licenses


Minor translations

2300 (9150*)

Drafting of letters, procurement of certificates, etc.


Authentication, attestation, certification of copies, VAT, delivery of a passport at different Embassy or Consulate

1900 (9150*)

* Hourly rate, price per. commenced hour. At least 1 hour is charged, and each started hour is charged as a full hour.

 Visa Application Fees

To submit your visa application, you will have to pay a visa fee and a service fee. The visa fee is collected on behalf of the Embassy of Denmark in Moscow and the service fee is collected for the processing of your visa application at the Danish Visa Application centre. All fees are non-refundable – also if a permission for some reason is not granted. The visa fee may change as a result of currency fluctuation.

Visa type

Visa fee (Rouble)

Schengen visa, for citizens of Russia


Urgent visa fee *


Schengen visa, for citizens of other countries **


Schengen visa, for children from the age of six years and below the age of 12 years


Schengen visa, for children under six years of age

Free of charge

Application for residence permit


Application for re-entry permit


* Only for Russian citizens applying in Moscow on the basis of the Visa Facilitation Agreement between Denmark and Russia.

** Additional visa fee waivers or reductions of the visa fee applies to nationals of the countries covered by Visa Facilitation Agreements between Denmark and these countries. Please see the list of these countries and the texts of the visa-facilitation agreements between Denmark and the listed countries here.