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The Technology Club

The Technology Club of Russia is a brand new initiative established by the Trade Council in 2012.

The Technology Club enables Danish companies to follow current developments in the Russian technology sector through newsletters summarizing important developments within the following sectors: machinery, cleantech, telecommunication, IT, nano- and biotechnologies. 

The Club also cooperates with administrations of Russians cities on arranging relevant trips and conference packages for our members in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other regions of the country.

The facilitation of meetings and seminars on the highest levels is also provided as well as establishing contact between companies thus representing Danish interests in Russia – paving easier access to the Russian technology sector through the Trade Councils network throughout Russia.

As a member of the Technology Club you will benefit from these networks providing access to decision-makers.

For more information please contact Thomas Mortensen (e-mail:

To download the invitation for the Technology Club please click here

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