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Machinery and technology

Recent developments in the sector promise growth potential and export opportunities for Danish companies.

The machinery and technology sector in Russia provides significant export and joint venture possibilities for Danish companies. Despite recent economic challenges, including ruble devaluation, Russia is still a very large market for production and construction machinery, ICT solutions (both hardware and software), and consumer electronics. Russia’s total capital expenditures in January-November 2014 amounted to RUB 11 trillion (EUR 146 billion at current exchange rates), while imports of machinery, equipment and transportation vehicles during this period were worth EUR 110 billion. In the short- and medium-term significant state investments in infrastructure projects and newly adopted ‘import replacement’ programs will be the main drivers behind strong demand for foreign equipment and know-how. In the longer term, Russia has good chances to improve economic performance, while additional exciting market opportunities will arise from the transformation of the Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan) into the Eurasian Economic Union.

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