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Russia has launched a large national healthcare project, with around 1725 billion roubles in investments. This increased focus on healthcare opens up export opportunities for Danish companies with innovative solutions for the healthcare sector.

The Russian government has taken the first steps towards a thorough restructuring of the healthcare sector. The new national healthcare project is one out of 13 federal projects that are aimed at strengthening key sectors in all regions of Russia towards 2024 with massive investments and ambitious goals.


In the healthcare project, nine main areas are prioritized along with a number of milestones, which focus on increasing the overall healthcare in Russia. Among these goals are longer life expectancy, better treatment of cancer and a lower rate of child mortality. To reach these goals there is a large demand for effective solutions to a number of healthcare challenges along with an increasing demand for innovative solutions to the development of the sector, including solutions to digitalisation and other infrastructure.


Danish companies are frontrunners within a number of these solutions – including digitalisation of the healthcare sector. Danish hospitals are among the most digitalised in the world and Danish companies are constantly working towards increasing the efficiency of the systems of digital communication between actors in the healthcare sector. The Danish know-how in the area is demanded in Russia, where the digitalisation of the sector has only just begun.


There is already a platform on which the collaboration between Denmark and Russia can build upon - both on governmental and on business level. In 2018, the Danish and the Russian Ministry of Health strengthened their collaboration by signing a MoU. This MoU is especially important in the healthcare sector where state officials are closely involved in many projects.


The Danish Embassy in Moscow has a thorough knowledge of these structures and are – due to a strong local network – able to engage relevant decision-makers for the benefit of Danish companies.


Contact Head of the Healthcare sector team Svetlana Chernova by e-mail [email protected] or tel. +7 (495) 642 68 08 for more information and assistance.