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The Oil & Gas Club

The Oil and Gas Association in Russia is an initiative from 2011 established by the Trade council. The club functions as an extension of the Energy & Environment Club, which was established in 2008 and enjoys considerable success with a lot of support from its members.

The aim of the club is to provide knowledge and information concerning the oil and gas sector, which is currently the biggest contributor to the Russian economy. The Oil and Gas Association aims to enable Danish companies to follow current developments in the Russian oil and gas sector through newsletters summarizing important developments within the the sector.

The Oil & Gas Club facilitates meetings and seminars on political levels as well as establishing contact between companies thus representing Danish interests in Russia. The trade Council’s strong network paves access to the Russian oil and gas sector through the Trade Councils vast network in Russia.

As a member of the Oil & Gas Club you will benefit from these networks providing access to these networks and decision-makers.

Please contact Jens Thomsen for more information:

E-mail   or Tel. + 7 812 703 39 00 

You can download the invitiation for the Oil & Gas Club here

With the recently Oil and Gas meeting held in Esbjerg, Denmark on November 25 we have put focus on the offshore Oil and Gas sector. For more information on the Danish offshore sector, see the report from "Syddansk Vækstforum" here (in Danish)

The Oil & Gas Club is launching a sales portfolio consisting of information and competences of its members. For more information contact Jens Thomsen at The template can be downloaded here

The Trade Council at the embassy can be contacted daily between 09:15 and 17:00 - Friday till 16:00 (GMT +3)


Tel: +7 (495) 642 6800
Fax: +7 (495) 775 0197