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Green Capacity

Effective promotion of your company in the Russian energy and environment sector!

The Green Capacity campaign
In the beginning of 2011, the Trade Council Russia initiated Green Capacity which is a campaign on energy efficiency and energy savings in Russia. The object of the campaign is to share best available practices between Danish companies, local authorities and Russian companies, as well as create public awareness on energy efficiency and energy savings. The housing, industry, district heating, water and wastewater are the focus areas of Green Capacity.

Visit the website of Green Capacity here.

The campaign creates further possibilities for Denmark and Russia to develop a positive relationship. Green Capacity was initiated, because we, at the Trade Council Russia, believe that Russian-Danish cooperation can create a platform for the development and implementation of energy efficiency and energy saving projects in the housing, district heating, water and waste water, and industry sectors in Russia.

Russian-Danish cooperation
Russia has a growing interest in developing the energy sector in order to become independent on energy from fossil fuels, and has therefore adopted new legislation and outlined specific targets in the Energy Strategy till 2030. Denmark has been widely recognized for its high standards and remarkable results in energy saving and energy efficiency throughout four decades, and is still very active in this field.

The cooperation consists of knowledge sharing and exchange of experiences through seminars on energy and environmental efficiency related to each of the four sectors. Here, both parties can exchange experiences and share knowledge as well as study case stories on implemented projects.

Further, different institutions such as EKF, NIB, NDEP, NEFCO, IFC, Danish Energy Agency, and DBDH cooperate with Green Capacity in order to show all the possibilities for financing, projects etc. in the field of sustainable solutions.

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