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The Energy sector is a core in the Russian economy and the main source of foreign currency revenues for the country. In the recent years, more emphasis has been put on environmental protection in Russia, and energy saving is one of the major priorities for the energy and utility sector’s development.

Russian natural resources have, as a consequence of the quantity, a substantial impact on the global energy market and prices. As a key economic sector, the energy sector is strongly interrelated with the Russian overall economic performance. Due to issues such as poor management skills, worn-out equipment and machinery, and insufficient utilization of modern production technologies, the government of the Russian Federation is taking efforts to carry out a reform aiming at sector modernization, raising efficiency, and creating conditions for fair competition in the sector.

The need for high-tech environmental-friendly solutions for Russia’s natural resource industry sectors provides good opportunities for Danish companies because of the strong and unique Danish competences in these areas, including management skills and high-tech machinery and technology. Likewise the country’s problem with supplying clean water to all citizens makes this a market with high potential for Danish companies.

For more information, please contact Dmitry Lapaev, Head of the Energy and Environment sector by e-mail [email protected] or Tel. +7 (999) 599 34 11