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New technologies and solutions are developed all over the world, changing the future. The Trade Council in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research helps Danish companies with strengthening Danish innovation. We work together with institutions all over the world, offering tailor-made consultancy and networking about innovation.

Innovation Centre Denmark

Our Innovation Centres are placed around the world and are on the cutting edge of the technology and business models of the future. We can help your company with finding relevant business partners. We offer you access to the strongest innovation environments all over the world, keeping you updated on what is moving on the relevant markets. Innovation Centre Denmark offers targeted learning programs, supporting and accelerating your development. Our local experts can help you understand new technology, scalability and new markets. The Innovation Centres can help Danish companies, research and educational institutions with transforming knowledge into growth through tailor-made consultancy. We are present in all the major innovation cities to put Danish companies in contact with the right actors. 

Consultancy and Tech-Scouting

Our consultants help you with strategy, market introduction and matchmaking. We can introduce you to strategic partnerships, sectors or investment opportunities, transforming local knowledge to the benefit of Danish companies and institutions. You can, among other things, participate in our innovation camp, gathering companies form a specific sector and providing access to knowledge and partnerships in local innovation environments. Additionally, the Innovation Centres can help you with examining strategic challenges, identifying potential acquisition candidates, inspiration and foresight in relation to new strategy and direction – we help you be on the forefront of research and technology. 

Get Knowledge on Technology Delivered

Each year, Innovation Centre Denmark publish a range of ICDK Outlook reports, with the purpose of collecting and communicating knowledge on relevant trends in the areas of education, innovation and research in the Centre’s local area. This provides an insight into technological development and the latest tech trends.
Aside from analysis and reports, each Centre conducts a series of yearly innovation projects. These projects go into depth with a particular field of technology, or examine the potential in new programs to better Danish companies’ and research institutions’ access to foreign knowledge, networks, technology, capital and markets. The results of these projects can be found among our publications, articles, blog posts and news items.

If you want to know more about the Innovation Centres you can read up on The Trade Council’s homepage.

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