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The Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps was founded by the Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador Corps in partnership with the Danish Agency for International Education in 2010.

Global network of students
The Youth Goodwill Ambassador Corps is a global network of international students. The students work on a voluntary basis in order to promote Denmark as an attractive study and work destination. Based on their work they are awarded the honorary title of Youth Goodwill Ambassadors   All members of the network take part in a unique talent development program, work with Danish key stakeholders within business, culture and academic institutions and are appointed an international business executive as their personal mentor.

The goal is both to strengthen Denmark’s position as a leading international knowledge and education economy as well as to brand Denmark, Danish business, culture and academic programs to potential students and selected higher education institutions worldwide.

The aim is to increase the number of international students seeking to study in Denmark and to develop a platform for career opportunities between international students and Danish companies.