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Meet the Trade Council in Russia

The Trade Council in Russia is divided into five sectors. Each sector is represented by a team of experts that provide Danish exporters on the Russian market, respectively in the areas around Moscow and St. Petersburg with advice and assistance.

The Trade Council Russia eases your access to the Russian market. With many years of experience and extensive network, we can open doors for you, so you can meet potential partners or potential clients. If you have the right product and approach to the market Russia can be a huge market for most Danish companies.

If you in any way is considering Russia as a market for your company, then please call us. We are always ready to share our knowledge and make a quick evaluation of your potential on the Russian market.

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Thomas Winkler - Ambassador of Denmark to the Russian Federation

Contact the Ambassador through the Trade Council department

Location Moscow

Background and experience:

Education: Master in Law, Copenhagen University

Areas of experience: Global public affairs

Thomas is an experienced diplomat. He has worked in the Danish Foreign Service since year 1988 with postings in Moscow, Kiev and Stockholm. He has worked with Russia on and off for many years, including during postings to Moscow between 1990 and 1992, to Kiev from 1992 to 1994 and as Deputy of the Russia-Balkan department from 2002 - 2004. Since 2013 he has been the Ambassador of Denmark to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

How can Thomas help you?

Thomas may assist Danish companies in connection with their export activities on the Russian market through the access which an Ambassador has to high level officials and politicians at the national, regional and local levels. Furthermore Thomas has an extensive knowledge of the political and economic financial situation in Russia, and is ready to share his insights at meetings, events and conferences. The Ambassador’s residence – and its garden - in the central part of old Moscow is an excellent and often used venue for export promotion events, receptions, dinners with customers etc.

Peter Mygind Rasmussen - Services and logistics

Head of the Trade Council, Minister Counsellor of Commercial Affairs
Regional Coordinator for Russia
Direct +7 (495) 6426800

Location Moscow

Background and experience:

Education: MSc in International Business Economics from Aalborg University

Specialty sectors: technology and machinery, retail, policy and services

Peter has several years of experience in export sales and management of companies in the Baltic and Russian markets. Working across Danish and Russian & CIS business culture, he has an in depth understanding of challenges in connection with practical tasks in the market, such as local recruitment and training, collaboration with Russian & CIS stakeholders and risk assessment of potential partners in the market. In 2009 he was stationed to a position as Trade Attaché at the Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow and in August 2013 reposted to Moscow as Head of the trade section and Regional Coordinator. Since then he has been engaged in helping Danish companies, export start-ups and existing companies in the market.


Jens Thomsen - Energy and Environment

Royal Danish Consul General

Direct +7 812 703 39 00

Mobile +7 921 904 00 07


Location St. Petersburg

Background and experience:

Education: Slavic studies, Aarhus University

Specialty sectors: Energy and environment, technology and machinery, policy and services

Jens Thomsen has more than 15 years of experience with business development in Eastern Europe and the CIS market. In his time with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs he has gained experience at a number of official representations in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Poland. During this time, he has worked with a number of Danish as well as local companies, and networked with regional and national authorities. Jens has amongst others competencies within business development, export strategies and public diplomacy.

How can Jens help you?
Jens is very experienced in working with Danish companies in Eastern Europe. He knows the challenges as well as opportunities for Danish companies when making export strategies. Furthermore Jens is an expert in helping to facilitate Danish-Russian commercial cooperation and finding Russian partners for Danish companies. The energy and environment sector is a special area of competence for Jens, as he has an extensive network of Russian contacts interested in innovative and efficient Danish solutions. 

Evgeny Khoroshilov - Services and logistics

Macroeconomics and Policies
Senior Commercial Consultant
Direct +7 (926) 6416347

Location Moscow

Patrick M. Søndergaard - Food, agriculture and fisheries

Minister Counsellor - Food, Agriculture and Fisheries
Direct +7 (926) 6426805

Location: Moscow

Marina Mityanina - Food, agriculture and fisheries


Senior Commercial Counsellor
Direct +7 (495) 6426807

Location Moscow

Background and experience:

Education: Ms in Political Literature, Moscow State University of Culture and Arts

Specialty sectors: food, agriculture and fisheries

Marina has over 7 years of business experience in Scandinavian companies working with service, management and planning. Since 1998 she was posted as senior commercial counsellor at the Royal Danish Embassy mainly working within food, agriculture and fisheries sector. Marina is experienced in assisting Danish companies with market insights, market trends and policy conditions in the Russian market.

Irina Polevaya - Food and agriculture, healthcare and life science

Commercial Advisor
Direct +7 (495) 6426804

Location Moscow

Background and experience:

Education: MSc in Linguistics, Moscow State University

Specialty sectors: food, agriculture and fisheries, healthcare, machinery, energy and environment

Irina worked at the Danish embassy as an assistant to the Commercial Department for over 5 years. Helping advisors in different sectors, she gained insights in areas such as food and agriculture, healthcare, also working with machinery and energy and environment. Since 2013 she has taken over the position of commercial advisor, and is now specialising mainly in food and agriculture and healthcare.

As a Russian citizen, Irina knows well the Russian market, and how to build good personal relations with Russian partners.

How can Irina help you?

If you are looking for partners in the Russian market, would like to promote your products in Russia and build up your business in a promising market, Irina can offer a solution that would suit your company’s needs.

Svetlana Chernova - Healthcare and Life Science and Retail

Commercial Attaché
Head of the Healthcare sector advisory team
Direct +7 (495) 6426800

Location Moscow 

Background and experience:

Education: University graduate

Specialty sectors: 
healthcare and life science, policy and services

Svetlana has worked at the Danish embassy since 1997 advising Danish companies both large and SMEs on market entry, market trends, partner search, PR activities. For a number of years her focus areas were energy & environment and retail.

In 2011 she became team leader for the Health team r esponsible for monitoring, planning, implementation projects in Healthcare sector in relation to Russian-Danish cooperation; communication with the Government regarding bilateral cooperation agreements in healthcare sector; coordination of the activity of the Healthcare Network Russia. Working within healthcare and social policy sector, she has been contributing to smooth cooperation between Danish and Russian authorities in the field of trade and investment to promote Danish export to Russia & CIS. In 2012 Svetlana has been promoted to the position of Local Commercial Attaché.

How can Svetlana help you?

After several years of working with Danish companies in Russia & CIS, Svetlana knows well the challenges which Danish companies meet in the market. With her knowledge and experience of Russian corporate culture and functioning of the government agencies, Svetlana can assist Danish companies in different issues in connection with companies’ activities in Russia, including development of good relations with Russian partners and clients.

Marina Piotrovskaya - Machinery and technology

Sector-Expert, Machinery and Technology
Direct +7 (812) 7033900
Mobile +7 (921) 9045065


Location St. Petersburg

Background and experience:
Education: St. Petersburg State University, Legal Faculty

Specialty sectors: technology and machinery, energy and environment, policy and services

Marina has since 2000 worked at Trade Council with different industries. Since 2006 Marina has been working mainly with energy and environment sector, and since 2012 she has been focusing on Machinery and Technology sector. Besides that Marina has been working as legal advisor first at Coopers & Lybrand, and at the international project at Vodokanal St. Petersburg.

How can Marina help you?

Marina has many years of experience from both private business, and through Ministry of Foreign Affairs working with foreign companies. Throughout several years Marina has had experience within recruiting issues, market research and strategy planning. If you have any open question regarding challengers in different industries and about purchase procedures, you can always contact Marina.

Trainees in Moscow

Trainees in St Petersburg

Mads Yde

Energy and environment

Oil and Gas


Ann-Brit Johansen

Energy and environment

Oil and Gas



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The Trade Council at the embassy can be contacted daily between 09:15 and 17:00 - Friday till 16:00 (GMT +3)


Tel: +7 (495) 642 6800
Fax: +7 (495) 775 0197



The Trade Council at the Consulate General in St. Petersburg can be contacted daily between 09:00 and 17:00 - Friday till 16:00 (GMT+3)


Tel: +7 (812) 703 3900
Fax: +7 (812) 703 3529