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Food and Agriculture

Russia has the world's fifth largest agricultural area, second only to the United States, Australia, Brazil and China. 13% of Russia's 200 million hectares land is used for agriculture

For a variety of reasons, there have over the years been disruptions - of shorter or longer duration - in trade in agricultural products between EU-countries and Russia. While this is a recurring challenge, it has also been clear that there are significant market opportunities for trade in food and agricultural commodities. Many Danish exporters have recognized this and show the necessary focus and persistence to benefit from these opportunities.

The food and agricultural sector in the Russian Federation is furthermore facing high national expectations to expand production to be able to cover a larger part of domestic consumption. At federal and local level, efforts are taking shape to provide the frameworks necessary (including public funding) to realize this objective. Substantial investments are needed across the board in order to improve production efficiency. This can represent significant opportunities for Danish companies that specialize in quality and modern production methods.
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