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The Royal Consulate General in St. Petersburg

Welcome to the homepage of the Royal Danish Consulate General in St. Petersburg.

The Royal Danish Consulate General in St. Petersburg performs a variety of tasks. Besides assisting Danish citizens and tourist visiting the northwest region of Russia, the Royal Danish Consulate General assists Danish companies in Russia and Belarus. Since 1993 we have developed extensive and strong networks in Russia on all levels, including decision-making level in the vast majority of Russia’s regions. In collaboration with the Royal Danish Embassy in Moscow the Consulate General has proven helpful in assisting Danish companies on the Russian market and enabling them in establishing relevant contacts as well as arranging export drives, round-table discussions and exhibitions. Our team in St. Petersburg are highly competent and skilled, and they have considerable experience in assisting Danish companies. The Royal Danish Consulate General has especially developed expertise in the Energy & Environment and Machinery sector.

We hope that we will be able to assist you in the future

Jens Thomsen
Consul General

The Royal Danish Consulate General in St Petersburg