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Information for Danes travelling to Kyrgyzstan

Due to changes to the law of External Migration of Kyrgyzstan, starting from Friday, 4th November 2016 every foreigner travelling to the Kyrgyz Republic has to register themselves at the State Registration Service of Kyrgyzstan within 5 working days after the arrival.

This registration is mandatory no matter if the foreigners have a visa for Kyrgyzstan or if they enter the country without a visa because of the visa free regime granted to around 50 states.

More information (e.g. possible exemption from above mentioned regulations) and addresses can be found at the following link: http://grs.gov.kg/ru/subord/drnags/address/. In rural areas a person can get registered at police stations.

Those who entered the country before 4th November 2016 without a visa should not have problems if they leave the country within 60 days without a registration stamp.

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