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Folkeafstemning den 3. december 2015 (OPDATERET 26/10/15)

14.09.2015  14:04

Postal voting regarding the referendum on 3 December 2015 on transforming the current Danish opt-out into an opt-in on EU matters on Justice and Home Affairs.

Danish citizens eligible for voting at the referendum on 3 December 2015 can cast a postal vote at The Danish Embassy in Moscow or The General Consulate in Sankt Petersburg.

It is expected that Postal votes can be cast from Thursday 8 October 2015 until 17th November 2015 at 12:00. (The deadline ensures that the vote can reach Denmark in due time to be included in the counting of votes).

In order to participate in elections and referenda in Denmark, Danish citizens living abroad must be registered in the electoral register. Read more about it here.

To read more about the referendum please consult the following websites:

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